Sunday, December 26, 2010

social experiment (cat v. dog)

TheMostImportantGuy was at my place this weekend longer than usual, due to the holiday weekend. Instead of TheMIG worrying about leaving his old-man-cat "Tad" home alone in a cold house for so long (TheMIG lives in a chilly converted warehouse/loft), or instead of making an extra trip back home to feed him, TheMIG brought Tad to my house for the weekend.

Most of the time Tad was sequestered in his own little hideaway in the den. He was set up with his own cat box from home, and had lots of cozy perches, plus his own (electrically warmed!) cat bed. Whenever my own cats and dog were outside for a bit, we'd bring Tad out and let him explore around. None of the animals seemed overly alarmed. They didn't really see each other, but they could smell each other's presence, but they didn't seem alarmed. I'm sure that when TheMIG comes over he brings enough of the Tad-smell with him that my cats and dogs have become more than familiar with Tad's scent over the years, and also I am sure that TheMIG brings home a little bit of my dog and cats to Tad.

Well, today being the final day, we let Tad have a little nose-to-nose with Riley ("let"---hahahaha).
Sort of a social experiment, if you will...

Results of the social experiment??
Very anti-social.

The dog was surprisingly behaved, and Tad only hissed twice. Okay, and he growled once, too....but mostly he buried his face into his cat bed several times in a sort of "make it stoppppppp!!" sort of way.

It was almost like he was pretending that if he couldn't see the dog, then the dog couldn't see him. Or that if he couldn't see the dog, then the dog wasn't really there.

Poor dear.

He's back home safe and sound tonight.
Which of course means TheMIG is also gone, and MyFavoriteKid is off with his dad still for the holidays.
And it's been so long since I have had time alone, I'm not quite sure what to do with myself!

Of course being that it's 10:30, I'll probably start with sleep.


~Donna~ said...

Sleep is always a good place to start.

Hi Tad! He's a cutie...hope my kitty didn't see the bit about the warmed cat bed......