Friday, January 14, 2011

fork-it over friday, round two

Checking back to see if you scored??!!
Well, there were 12 of you in "the hat" for last week's item, and the number generator came up with #9. That makes Jen Anderson the winner! Please email me your snail mail addy (my addy is in the sidebar), and I will ship it out!

For the rest of you, no pouting please, because there is plenty more cuteness around here. Check out this week's item:

This week is awesome Monster Hand Towels that I picked up from ShanaLogic , a website that sells goodies from indie artists. The craftsperson who appliqued the towels is Kathy Steig, and the illustrator of the monsters is artist Keith Walsh of Dublin, Ireland.

Now, let me explain how I chose what I am giving away and why. Sometime last year, when I realized I was nearing a big blogiversary, I started collecting a large pile of items for a raffle, and I realized pretty quickly that I was gravitating towards things that were close duplicates of my own favorite things. This does not make me Oprah, and none of you'ze is gettin' a car or a vacation ;-) But you are getting things I love. Cute project bags are serious fetish of mine, and almost all of mine are made by indie artists (like last week's bag). Bags are such a fetish, you can expect to see a couple more.

The towels this week are a representation of my own "guest towels" (I have "guest towels" in quotes because even though they are hung up like guest towels, but they are in the master bath where guests never go LOL). My towels were also purchased through ShanaLogic, but I'm pretty sure the images were made by a different artist. Maybe the applique craftsperson who did the applique work was the same, but I honestly have no idea, because I've had them so long.

Okay! So there ya' go. If you like 'em (the monster towels...not my towels are...well....MINE!!) just leave a comment. Or if you feel like commenting but don't want to be entered, just say that ;-)

I draw at 12-noon on Thursdays, and on Fridays I announce the winner when I post the next item up for grabs.
Have fun!!


~Donna~ said...

Monster towels cute. Want.


Love the idea of showing "vintage" photos. My sister is doing way too much of it on Facebook tho.

Happy weekend and congrats to the first winner!

not supergirl said...

OK, no pouting here. I would've had to give last week's prize away had a I won it, because it suited my friend Jen too well.
These monster towels (should I be so lucky as to win them) would stay in my house! We recently moved, and the main bathroom has a black and white theme. It's also my girls' bathroom, so we've incorporated some lime, fuschia and turquoise in the towels. This would be a super awesome way to get the black and white back in there. They're so cool!

Cate said...

I love those! man. also, my son would be over the moon if we had monster towels.

Unknown said...

Omigosh, yay! Sending you my info now. Can I enter for this week's towels? They're adorable. I can't wait to increase my income to the point that I can start buying cute stuff again.


berlinBat said...

Love the towels (also yours :)! Please count me in!

Anonymous said...

oh my all the towels are supercute. and congrats on the new dog.suenapse