Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thanks for all the comments about the photo yesterday of our it-will-be-lovely-again-someday house!

Please believe me when I tell you, that photo is quite the illusion. The selling agent could have used my photographing prowess, that's how much trickery was used to take that photo. It was taken to cleverly hide a multitude of flaws (hide them from myself in an attempt to reduce my own panic), and it is a photo taken facing one of the few corners of the house that doesn't need a complete overhaul. You will very soon be seeing some photos of the mess that is really going on (I just need to work up the nerve to post them, because they sort of scare me to death).

I kid you not, I am not exaggerating. We are talking months of repairs, beginning with complete overhauls on the electrical and plumbing, which I am hoping happen this week, because everything else sort of hinges on it. Things like heat. Or fixing the toilet.

Here. I'll do just one photo. I'll make it as small as I can for my own sanity, and if you dare, you can click to embiggen.

That's the inside of the front door. Neato, eh? Swollen and ill-fitting, missing weather stripping, the frame chewed up by the previous owner's dog..... and we now know that the latch mechanism is shot, is beyond repair, and that it's really hard to find hardware that fits the opening because it's probably as old as the house.

Worrying about work to be done aside, it was a fairly productive weekend.
~ I set up a wee little meditation area (cute!) in the new house. Even if the rest of the house is doody (and it is), it feels really great to have set up a nice little corner with good vibes for us to use.
~ We went back to the historical museum and pulled the rest of the records that we hope we can use to knock off some huge permit-type fees.
~ The plumber came back out to see if we could put in a tankless water heater (venting issues), the pool guy stopped by to prep for his repairs that he will next week, and our handyman buddy came by to take another look. Hopefully he'll be chipping away at the to-do list soon, too. Oh, and we had a locksmith come out.
~ We drove up to TheMostImportantGuy's mom's to take her out to lunch for her birthday.
~ We went to IKEA to buy some window coverings for the big wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows that one side of the room that overlooks the patio and pool.

So tired. And the house I live in now is a bit of a wreck because it's not the focus of my energy. Tomorrow I play catch up!


~Donna~ said...

So...was it a dog or a frikkin BEAR.

Bad dog! BAD!!!

Sending good home repair vibes to you guys.

That poor house - I bet it LOVES being loved again.

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