Thursday, March 24, 2011

got raft?

We are floating away here.
Lots of rain, lots of road closures.
That creek that has risen to the top of the bridge? It's normally bone dry.
My dad and I braved it all and went out for our regular Dad & Daughter errand running and grocery shopping day. We're a little cuckoo. We had a good time, but I'm still soggy.

I got home and had a nice hot bowl or corn chowder. Then I had a couple of hours to knit...something I haven't done in quite a long while.

I've wanted to knit this pattern ever since I saw it. I love it as it is pictured in the gray, but I already have a wide scarf/stole that I wear to death in that same color, so I decided to do it in a natural white.

I also think I chose the color because the desire to do this pattern and then shop for the yarn was right about the same time I was washing (and washing and washing) mom's aran vintage aran sweater.

I put the order in and it took 5-1/2 weeks for the yarn to arrive....gah!! I have been trying to knit on other things during that time, but I have just not been enthusiastic. I have also been busy (however, if I loved what I was knitting, that wouldn't stop me one bit). I've also been having problems with my arm again. Big scary pain problems.

My right arm was broken up so badly in the accident all those years ago that there's 3 metals plates and a pile o' screws in it. It's usually not a problem and doesn't interfere with knitting (in fact knitting was the approved physical therapy). Sometimes the damp and cold is a drag, but lately the pain has just been constant. The pain starts near my thumb, and it hurts to make a "pinching" motion, or to spread the hand wide open....and then it eventually travels up my arm all the way into the shoulder. It started in November and it's been a big fat drag. I worked closely with a physical therapist and had myself back to about 95%.....

...and then I washed those 27 feet of floor to ceiling windows at the new house, and I reactivated the original injury (which I'm not even sure what that was), and I'm back in physical therapy.

But thinking back to when it first started hurting in November, and I'm trying to figure out if my arm starting hurting first and that I subconsciously let my knitting come to a grinding hault....or if I slowly stopped knitting because I've been so busy, and my arm starting hurting because I was using it less (remembering that knitting was the physical therapy approved by the doctor in the first place, and it is what keeps my arms and hand moving).

Hard to say.

But I'm going to knit on this for a bit and see what happens :-)
It sure is making me happy and distracting me from the winter doldrums.


~Donna~ said...

That sure is a purty pattern.

I'm trying to get back to "knitting as therapy" as well. Not working out very well, but that won't keep me from trying. :)

Is hard to knit without my furry partner being all up in it.