Sunday, March 20, 2011

it's not wash day, it's wash week

It's almost 11pm and I am dealing with laundry.

I usually say I am, "climbing Mt.Laundry," but I just grabbed the next load queued up to hit the machines, and it's not a mountain of laundry I am dealing with this's A LAKE.

Well, okay....maybe it's more like a small pond.
Let me explain.

My laundry hamper sits in the corner of my bedroom. It's a tiny wicker thing, but washday usually occurs before it gets too out of hand. Unfortunately, with all the dealings with the new house, I'd let it go way beyond overflowing. Because the basket sits in the corner, the pile was able to grow up the wall like a tower. But then I had this day last week where I had to make the tower disappear real quick-like. I was having the carpets in the bedrooms steam cleaned (you can thank the chihuahua with potty training issues for that one), and I had to get everything off the floor so they could clean the carpets.

I picked up the tower of laundry and tossed the entire thing into my "garden bathtub", and it's managed to stay there all week long. Heck, it proved so damn convenient there, I just kept tossing the new laundry in there, too. So by this weekend, you walk into my bathroom and you are visiting Lake Laundry.

aye aye aye

Thanks for all of the notes about Flash. MyFavoritedKid has really appreciated them, too. Yes, MyFK did get to have a moment with the gecko before he died. MyFK took time for that before he went off to school Friday morning, as we both knew that the trip to the vet might bring bad news.

We have created a little temporary burial solution for the gecko for now, and very soon we will move him to somewhere on the grounds of the new house (we need to wait for the weather to's been raining and hailing like crazy here for days). We will end up having a little pet cemetery actually, because we still have our cat Tramp's ashes in a box, and TheMostImportantGuy has the remains of his cat buried in a large potted plant that he will be moving to the new house, too.


Mouse said...

Everyone I know that has a garden tub has come up with some sort of alternate use for it besides bathing.. I used to wash sweaters in mine!!