Tuesday, March 01, 2011

the wonderful world of contractors

I can already tell this going to be some sort of goofy rant with no solid details. I've sat here staring at the screen for a good long while because I cannot even find a starting point in the storytelling, I am so jangled.

IN SUM: Contractors are driving me NUTS.

TheMostImportantGuy has been dealing with more of them than I have, which makes me want to put on a drawl and say, "Bless his heart." In a poor attempt to paraphrase him, I think TheMIG would say something like:

I've never had to work so hard to give a group of people my money, and yet they all complain that their industry sucks right now and that there is no work due to the economy.

As for me, they make me feel like this:

They make no sense to me. Their flow of doing things, their way of handling business. It makes no sense to me at all some of the behaviors I have seen in the last couple of weeks.

I feel like there is some secret society they are all in, like maybe the RoyalOrderOfContractors or something, and it's like we are being hazed or something. It's almost like they are jerking us around and giggling about it....and all we are trying to do with most of them at this phase is just get A BID or even a RETURN PHONE CALL, for crying out loud.

What I wish is that I had the magic lamp and that I could rub it and have the ContractorGenie and/or the ContructionWorkerFaerie just sort of magically appear and explain to us just what we are missing here, or what we need to be doing to get along with this strange breed of human.


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Ohhh..I hear you. I used to be in charge of facilities at one company and hired contractors all the time. Even the bigger ones with good reputations weren't easy.

I wish we were closer to you - I actually know a good one in my area - I've hired him 3 times and each time he's come out on budget and on time. A rarity!

Unknown said...

How are you finding the contractors you are talking with? You might want to talk with the BBB, or even Angie's List online, to find ones that are recommended by others.

It can be quite the horror show out there. My husband does home repair/remodeling, solely by word-of-mouth, and sees some really shoddy work that others didn't finish. (Unfortunately, we are in Virginia so that doesn't help you!)

Good luck!

TheMIG said...

#1 comment from contractor friends who are super-busy even in this economy: "just call people back, and show up when you say you will".

#1 comment from time-wasting idiot contractors: "I'll get you an estimate ASAP"