Monday, April 11, 2011

Early morning meeting at the new/old house to let the heating guys in. They're working there for the next three days putting a new furnace and moving around the chases and returns (I really am learning a new language....but it's going to be like learning how to ask where the bathroom is in Swahili: I'll use it for a week or two and then forget it because I'll never need it again).

I went to the zen center, ran a couple of errands, went to physical therapy (going weekly to get this arm thang under control), and all of these things were about a 45 minute drive apart from each other. Raced home and fed the bottomless pit of a kid a late lunch, and then at 5pm TheMostImportantGuy met us and we all drove an hour in the other direction to see TheMIG's mom do a dance performance during half time of a professional basketball game.

That's not her, though. LOL
That's the soft drink mascot track race between quarters.

Whooped. And Tuesdays are the crazy day of the week, so I'm off to bed.


~Donna~ said...

aw shucks...

woulda been cool to say that you knew the dancing Dr Pepper can...


Just because.