Saturday, April 09, 2011

snaps on saturday

This first one was really taken yesterday, and it's just a shot of my teevee, but hey...


Yesterday was the SF Giants home opener...woooot!!!

And this is one of two knitting projects I have going right now:

Do note that the knitting is getting smaller and smaller (read as: tighter and tighter) as I progress, and it's not just the angle I photographed from.
It's a tension problem. Due to my tension. A tension-tension problem?? LOL
Funny, because I typically get more loosey-goosey as I get into a project, not the other way around.


=Tamar said...

Some people use that as a feature...
make two, you'll have a sleeveless shell. Make four, you'll have a sleeved top. No shaping required!

thestashattacked said...

We've all done it. Once when I had a tuition problem I had to rip out 26 rows of a scarf because they were 3 inches thinner than the rest of the scarf.