Tuesday, June 21, 2011

so close

Wow, it's so hot here the last couple of days. 94 degrees today!

The painter was supposed to be done at the new house last Friday. Today he said he'd be done by Thursday.....but now tonight we have also tagged a few blips and things that need to be cleaned up here and there before we hand over the check. I hope it doesn't slow him down any.

If all goes as planned, Friday is cleaning and reclaiming the space a bit. TheMostImportantGuy moves in this weekend. The guy with the window coverings did his thing today in the two rooms we had special orders for (the master bedroom and the sunroom/studio). Sadly, one of the blinds was not cut properly, so he'll be back in a week or two with a correction.

There will still be the remodel of the in-law unit going on in the back, but I cannot wait to have people out of the main house so we can enjoy it.

It feels like it's been foreverrrrrrrrrrr.