Sunday, July 17, 2011

what i did, and what i didn't

Well, what I didn't do was to go to the Ravelry Meet-Up, but TheMostImportantGuy went (muggle!!) and he texted me a picture of....


He did bring me home a goodie bag, though. That was sweet. He had to be there because he provided the PA system, and one of us had to stay home with you-know-who (that would be the dog).

So I decided to cast-on for a little shoulder shawl that came in on Friday as a Club Shipment from A Verb For Keeping Warm.

I'm so glad I cast on for this. I have two other things on the needles right now that are both close to being done, but I just haven't been inspired. One of them has cables and the other is an scarf with aran-type stitches. Heavy, dense knitting...both of them.

It has really lifted my spirits today to cast on something lofty and airy. The pink feels like a big fat healing dose of rose quartz, and the yarn is so fluffy it feels like a cross between a cloud or like petting a kitten (superfine alpaca, silk, cashmere---yum!)

Dog is still a little odd. His eyes are looking a bit clearer, but he's randomly wimpering from time. One of the stitches that is holding the argyle lacing untied itself, but I think I managed to re-tie it.

Three cheers for my crafty dexterity LOL.


~Donna~ said...

Meetup by proxy. hee hee

Really wish I could go to the meetups, but I can't handle the wool fumes.

Spent the day shopping with Spencer instead.

Hope our friend Riley feels can beat the infection. The poor little guy has been thru so much.

BIG GENTLE HUGS to our fuzzy little friend.

Hugs for you guys too and all who are caring for him.

Hugs to Teeny too!!!

Gina said...

Oh, your poor little baby. I feel so bad that we don't live close enough for me to spell you from your nursing duties. A couple of Huskies ganged up on a small poodle while out on a walk a block or so from my house. Like your little love, the poodle was a patchwork of stitches but she made it through. It was an incredibly stressful (and expensive) time for the owner, but she was eventually able to get the owners of the Huskies to (very reluctantly) cover the medical expenses. My best thoughts for all of you.

Robingail said...

I missed you at the meet-up, but was glad to have a chance to say hi and introduce myself to Mr MIG. What a kind and giving man, to come all that way and do the sound system set-up for an event that meant so much to you even though you couldn't be there.

I am keeping you all in my prayers, and am so glad to hear that it sounds like Riley is doing a bit better. Fingers crossed for good news from the test results xxx