Friday, September 02, 2011

Even though I'm a baseball fan, I've never been much into football. That's probably going to have to shift some, as tonight was the first (of what will be many, I suppose) High School Football games for me.
Not because MyFavoriteKid plays football.
Because he's in the marching band.

By the way....first home game of the season, and our team won 72-0 ( wha?!!!)

My favorite part of the night (besides MyFK in the half-time band thang, of course) was what happened every time the home team scored. There was this sprite older lady (70's? 80's?), who was a volunteer for the team, providing water and supplies for the team. Every time the team scored, she we go over to the cheerleading squad and make them participate with her in doing jumping jacks to match the score. She had no problem doing round after round after round, and even the cheerleaders were having a hard time keeping up with her. The audience participated (myself included....seated, though...arms only), and my arms will probably hurt tomorrow.

I learned a few things about football tonight (none of them having to do with the actual rules of the game, though LOL):

* don't forget a jacket next time.
* maybe even a blanket.
* don't forget the knitting next time, either.
* bring a thermos of hot liquid while yer at it, ding-dong


~Donna~ said...

Way to go jumping jack lady!

Yeah, def be able to get LOTS of good use out of your hand knitted items.

I would suggest coming up with something in uniform colors that your son might be able to wear with his.

Fingerless gloves maybe?

I made a headbandy thing to cover Spence's ears (full hats were against the rules) and a neck gater when he was in soccer and we had 8am games in the Oakland Hills. Cold and foggy. Good times...

Gina said...

Oh - you lucky person! Welcome to the sisterhood of Friday night athletic contests. My son topped off 8 years of youth soccer and little league baseball with one season of HS football, four years of both HS soccer and baseball, and for dessert added two years of college soccer up in the real Northern CA.

It will definitely give you a chance to show off all of your woolly accomplishments as you'll get to add layer upon layer of sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, socks, and blankets as fall football slides closer to winter. KIP is always good, whether or not you like football, but I'd go with circs to avoid the inevitable dropping needles thru the bleachers.

Have fun! These are the best times! And your house is looking fabulous. (I'm so envious.)