Monday, September 26, 2011

I failed to dodge TheMostImportantGuy's nose-blowing stream o' germs, and now today, I have his cold. Seems all the lysol-ing of the remote controls and TheBagOfDeath (a paper sack we use to deposit used and deadly facial tissue) was all for naught.


Serious pout, actually....because unlike him, it's not the weekend, it's Monday, and where he was able to veg-out all weekend in bed, I have TheDrill to contend with. Also unlike him, I have no one bringing me steaming hot bowls of soup (in fact, I had fed him all of the homemade soup I had left in the house, too!)

Since I had to be out of the house today, I made a stop at the market, and I just whacked out a huge pot of organic chicken soup. I have to say, I make a mean chicken soup. Almost as mean as my mom's, except it's missing matzo balls (even if I could make them, they have wheat *more pouting*).

So off I go, sipping my version of chicken soup, sipping some herbal tea, and hopefully getting to relax into an early bedtime.


not supergirl said...

Quick healing for you, I hope. If I could bring you some comfort food, I would. Maybe Wonkavision?