Friday, September 23, 2011

ohhh, but that aint the half of it!

In addition to kicking the caffeine, I also am not eating wheat, dairy, or sugar.

Which basically has me eating AIR.

More on all this soon. Right now I just have to go de-crabbify my attitude. LOL
aye aye aye


Ginger said...

Hi, I'm mostly a lurker but as a fellow non eater of wheat, dairy, sugar etc I wanted to offer these:

Some of my favorite blogs with great recipes and wonderful people. And obviously there are many more out there. They helped me hugely in making the transition. Good luck! Hope you get some answers!

Pickyknitter said...

Doing the clean eating thing? I think about it sometimes, usually right after I get home from the store with... dairy, wheat and caffeine.

painting with fire said...

That's a lot of changes at once - yikes! We have a gluten free household so if I can help with info let me know....