Thursday, October 06, 2011


(two posts in one day, sorry---but it feels necessary)
I had hoped to spend some time with my dad today (it's our normal day to go shopping), because my dad actually knew Steve Jobs and worked with him back in the day...but dad's busy....doing work. On the computer.



I saw this and thought you'd get a kick out of it. Very interesting about your allergies!

Anonymous said...

Back in ’75 there were few, except for the geeks, who knew anything about computers; only large corps had maxi-computers, only medium businesses had mini-computers, & microcomputers were in their embryonic stage. I gave a tech lecture on microcomputers to the CA Homebrew Computer Club (maybe 200+ attendees); in the audience were 2 “kids” (I referred to them as the “2 Steves” [Wozniak & Jobs]). Following my lecture, I spent a considerable amount of time w/the “2 Steves”; I would like to think that some of my mentoring went into their subsequent garage successes which later blossomed into Apple.