Wednesday, November 02, 2011

life at my house.

MyFavoriteKid is in the High School Marching Band. The marching season ends November 12th, but after that, he will still be taking the regular band class for high school credit, which is Concert Band. But he recently announced that once Marching Season is over, he is going to pursue a new extra curricular activity: Winter Drum Line. There will be a two week drum clinic that will begin a week or so after marching season ends, and then the auditions begin.

Guess who is already practicing.
(why bother with the question mark)

So around my house right now, my life is going pretty much just like this:

I am in total support of MyFK when it comes to doing anything creative or musical, and I am thrilled to bits to have him pursuing this sort of school activity.

Even if I am grinding my teeth while I am being thrilled to bits.


Jen Anderson said...

Exactly what a migraine sufferer needs. I hope you'll be able to line the room he's practicing in with acoustic foam.

Linda said...

My son was in the marching band, concert band and some other musical group all through middle and high school. He drummed on everything. We got used to it .... eventually. It was great for him, though, and we really got into the whole marching band thing, going to competitons in the area. How they can do the footwork, follow the marching pattern and play music at the same time was amazing to me.