Monday, November 21, 2011

party of one?

Tomorrow is the first of the two knitting meet-up things I am hostessing. I am notoriously known for throwing parties of all types where only 1 or 2 people show up, so I will not be surprised at all if the only thing I have really done is to make arrangements for myself to have some focused knitting time alone in a big empty space...hahaha.

Oh, well. At least I'll have snacks (I went shopping today). I'll bring a dvd or something, too. There's a big screen tv up there. And maybe I'll finally get my sweater done! I'm on the last sleeve!


Connie said...

I'd love to come (I'm in SR) but can't this weekend. If you do this again I'll try to make it...sounds like fun :)


Helen said...

I'd love to come, but it's a bit too far away :-(