Sunday, December 11, 2011

never enough knittin' time

I have not had enough knitting time this week. I've been around plenty of knitting, sure....but I just never had the chance to work on my own knitting, is all. I was either teaching people how to knit, showing them how to fix mistakes, or in a few really intense cases when they couldn't wrangle the repair themselves, just fixing it for them.

When I finally did have some free time for my own knitting, I chose to spend it over at the new house photographing yarn, entering it into Ravelry (for the uninitiated, some of us do this so that we have a spreadsheet of what we have on hand), and then putting the yarn away into the cabinets in the craftroom.

I finally had some time tonight to work on actual knitting. A little lace thang, a neckwarmer, basically. And a whole whopping 3 rows into my session, my cat decided my lace chart was the purrrfect place for him to park his big fat kitteh arse.

That would be MrDarcy.
I've moved him 4 times.
And he keeps coming back.


~Donna~ said...

Why Mr. Darcy, what big whiskers you have!

My kitty used to love sitting on my patterns/fabric whenever I laid out a pattern for cutting.