Sunday, January 15, 2012

bed. rest.

Ohh, had a horrible beginning! The whole neck pain, back pain, arm pain thing was in full swing, and I sort of just wanted to die (Not literally. You can't get rid of me that easily. But you know what I mean.) The pain in the neck/back/arm was reinforced by a headache that was approaching migraine status, and then at some point midday, the stupid shooting pains I get in my soopah-short-leg started going. There was so much pain happening at once, that on top of it all, I started feeling nauseous.

TheMostImportantGuy asked me what might help, and I asked for a machetti. Twice. (I don't know how I manage to eek out jokes during times like these, but hey. Yay for me.)

I took something for the migraine, got in bed, and knit. I would have stayed there all day, too...but MyFavoriteKid (who felt so bad for me he even offered up a back rub at one point) had a buddy over for a visit, and I went out to get them a pizza because the pizza joint we like doesn't deliver here.

I did eventually improve. The headache decreased, the tummy settled. And the pain in the neck/back/arm seems to stay at bay, so long as I am in a supported and reclining position. As soon as I sit up erect though, or heaven help me, get on crutches or push myself in the wheelchair, I start hurting again. IT SUCKS.

I have never anticipated a doctors appointment more eagerly--Wednesday cannot come soon enough!!

Thank goodness I can knit and watch Downton Abbey a supported and reclining postition. hahahaha