Monday, January 02, 2012


I am feisty. And a bit "worded out". With the holidays now officially over, many emails needed to be written today, almost all of which required me to think much more than I would have liked to. I'm not ready to think this hard yet!! MyFavoriteKid is still on vacation from school this week. In fact, he is out of town for a few days with his buddy at the farm of the buddy's grandparents.

In other words: I'm freeee!!!!

I should be throwing a wild party. Or sitting in my underpants and knitting and eating bonbons (which is more true to form, these hermit-esque days). I should not be typing and editing and editing and editing and editing all of these wordy, I-need-to-make-myself-perfectly-clear emails that I have been writing all day to contractors. Nor should I be over thinking emails to students and comrades regarding upcoming dance performances.

But I have been. All day, it seems. Except for a quick break to go to the zen center and then to the convalescent hospital.

Well, the emails are done. And now I will sit and eat cookies (I don't even keep bonbons in the house *sigh*), and my sitting will and eating cookies will probably not be done in only my underpants (too cold for that here), and rather than knitting, I will be fixing a mistake that I made in my knitting, because I-need-to-make-my-knitting-perfectly-clear just like my emails.


~Donna~ said...

Funny how we're not really free when the kids go off and do stuff and we're left on our own. Something always needs to get done and then the next thing you know "free time" is over and you still haven't sat down to really enjoy it.