Friday, January 06, 2012

storytime: a knitting perfection picture book

Once upon a time, there was a ball of yarn.

It wanted to be a long loopy cowl type scarf.

So the perfectionist girl cast on.

And knit.

And it was good.

When the knutcase perfection knitter was done knitting, the scarf laid out beautifully.

Flat, scarf...flat!

Zig, scarf...zig!
Zag, scarf...zag!!

Roll, scarf....roll!!!


I didn't mean roll like THAT, scarf.

THAT is poooopy looking!!

You roll so much you are inside out, and you curl this-way and that-way, and many of your colors all disappear!!

Guess what that means?!!

No more.
Bad bad scarf. :-(


Debby said...

That means you have the pleasure of knitting that beautiful yarn again!

Karen M said...

Tell it sistah! No knitting kicks your ass.