Sunday, January 29, 2012

tuck me in...

I'm about to tuck myself into my cozy bed with a thick layer of's been chilly out! It's Sunday night, and that means another episode of Downton Abbey and some simple knitting.

I was able to sleep in late today, and I woke up and didn't feel any worse for the wear through the arms and back from the bellydancing yesterday (although it's been so many weeks since I've moved my hips and midsection, I swear to you, I pulled an abdominal muscle instead.....feels like my right psoas muscle, actually). Today we had a very late breakfast out and then spent the day over at the new house given it a much needed deep cleaning.

And that is where I think I figured out what the heck has been causing my arm so many problems! I did a lot of light vacuuming today at the new house with this cordless stick type vacuum. I love that thing. It's way lighter than a regular vacuum, great for a quick clean up, and there is no cord to get caught up in wheelchair wheels. I only used it when I am cleaning there, though....and that is not that often. But! I love the ease of that vacuum so much, that I decided to get another one to keep here at my main house. I have been using it daily to go around the house and pick up all the animal hair (4 animals = lots of hair!).

I think it's the way I have been wielding the damn thing! I am positive that I can find a way to still use it, but just be ergonomic about it, and if I am right about this being the culprit, it means I'll be on the mend before you know it. But today, with the deeper cleaning, and the improper wielding, the back/arm thing has now been slightly reactivated. I think it shall pass quickly.

Ok. 8:56. Downton. Knitting. Taa-taa.


The Bon said...

I'm behind, but if you're still doing PT, talk to them and you might even be able to take it in and show them how you're using it. When D was doing his pt the first time, his therapist showed us the best way for him to vacuum as part of his regular pt.