Wednesday, February 08, 2012

a parade of knitted things

I am going to spend the next couple of days posting a little parade of knitted things...some things knit by me, some things knit for me....things that I should have posted about ages ago.

Posting about knitting is always fun, but it also gives me an opportunity to do some deeper writing in between the fuzzy fluffiness of yarn-y posts (in other words, keep an eye out for some deep-thinky-emo-posts in a few days, after I run out of fuzz to talk about).

Let's start with something that I knit:

This was a little buttoned up cowl-thingy that I knit back in December. The yarn and pattern came together as part of the "Fall In Full Color Club" from Knitspot. The yarn was inspired by hazelnut chocolates (the kit even showed up in the mail with some of the actual inspirational chocolates in the package....but those went down the hatch faster than I could find a camera).

I thought this little accessory was the perfect excuse to dig into my stash of vintage buttons. I always look for ways to get them out where I can see them and use them. They are just too pretty to be tucked away in the button tin.

I believe most of these buttons are from the late 1800's.

The kit came with two patterns, this one for the ladies, and another less "lace-tastic" one for the guys. There was enough yarn in the skein to make both neckwarmers, but only if you knit them in the smaller sizes given. I had already made my cowl in the larger size so it would hang away from neck a bit, rather than having it be fitted like a turtleneck, as some people did, so I ended up using more yarn on my first project. When I went to cast on for the guy's version, I used my digital scale for the first few rounds to see if I was going to have enough yarn leftover to knit the 2nd project, and lo....I am going to come up short. I ripped it out, but I plan on giving it a go a second time using a contrasting color on the first and last few rows as a border. I'm just on the fence about which yarn to use....something subtle that blends, or something with some more contrast and ba-da-bing to it.

Here's a link to my Ravelry project page for the neckwarmer.

More fluff tomorrow....