Monday, April 02, 2012


Because it's late. And because I'm tired. And because I'm proud of MyFavoriteKid. And because his drumline troupe took 1st Runner-Up in the regionals. And because I want to be able to find this video easily next time I need it.... is their winning performance from Saturday's competition (the set-up ends and the performance begins at 3 mins in exactly....the set-up was video taped because they are timed and cannot run over their allotment, so they film the set-up as a diagnostic).

MyFK is a freshman, but his high school is only 2 years old. Last year the school had only freshmen and sophomores, this year it's freshmen, sophomores, juniors (so the drumline squad is younger and less experienced some of the other schools that have seniors). Last year MyFK's school drumline was placed in the novice division and even though they did well throughout the performance season, they weren't set up to perform at the regionals.

This year the drumline placed so high in their first competition of the season that they were moved up to advanced for the balance of this year's season....and now here they are, taking 1st Runner Up at champs (with 9 groups competing in their category), and it's their very first time out at regionals! And this is MyFK's first year with the drumline! In fact, he just started drumming in late October, early November!!

Like I said:
Because I am a proud mommy!! ;-)


Kerry said...

You have great reason to be so proud! They did an absolutely phenomenal job!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Our family watched together at lunch today. We all think they should have won!!!

not supergirl said...

Yeah, that was seriously awesome!