Sunday, April 29, 2012

In regards to yesterday's post, Janice in GA commented:

Your wedding?? :) 



Dudes, there is no way we'd have set ourselves up to plan ANY sort of party, let alone a wedding.  We're in the middle of a house remodel!  Right now I think both of us would be thrilled just to have a place to rinse out a coffee cup!  Forget throwing a wedding!  Hahahaha!

So no, not us ;-)

The happy couple was some friends of ours from the zen center that, as the zen master put it, "were very economical," in their party planning.  Yesterday was their wedding, and their baby shower, and their moving away party.   Interesting, and fun!  It was a really good time, actually.  It was a very beautiful ceremony. I had never seen one like this....the vows were my favorite, they had the zen twist to them, and they made sense to me as far a commitments go.   And then at the "baby table" you could contribute to an art project that I believe will become a wall hanging in the nursery, or you could iron on cute things and messages onto a pile of baby clothes that were provided.

And I knit a baby beanie ;-)