Monday, May 07, 2012

things i ponder

You know, I'm not a huge fan of the Price is Right....I mean, I don't seek it out and turn it on. It's just one of those shows that I catch out of the corner of my eye while I'm doing housework if I've left the television on too long. Or if I'm sick in bed with a cold. And I enjoy it. And I shout out my guesses from the sideline and my eyes water if just the right person wins a whole pile o' goodies and all that....

 But even though I have only just caught it out of the corner of my eye or watched while sick in bed, I have been doing that since I was a wee little tyke, like way back in the Bob Barker days, and it's been years now that I have been asking myself (in a very agitated tone):

Am I tripping out on furniture polish or dryer sheets or cold meds??  Or have I really never seen a disabled person on the stage of the Price is Right??  I, personally, have never seen one. Have you?? (hint: NO. Well, at least not a person in a wheelchair. For some reason I do believe I saw a military version of the show once where the entire audience was made up of folks in various branches of the service, and I sure seem to recall seeing a prosthesis in there somewhere....but I also mighta been on Nyquil and may be entirely making this up in my head).

I mean, I guess the issue is that disabled people aren't so great for marketing, right? Or for making sure you hit your commercial break on time, which may not happen if our gimpy selves are going to take to long to get from point A to point B.  Is that the issue??  Or is it that we can't jump up and down like a game-show-fool or drive away in the car or RV they have won without adapting the vehicle first ....but is that really even the point when we cant even get up the stairs if our names were called?!?! (not that you are pulling names out of a hat or anything though, are you...hrmph).

ANYHOW. These things I ponder.

But apparently, I am not alone.
Like, I am really not aloneNopeI am definitely not.  LOLOL


Linda said...

Wow, thank you for those links! It is great to read that folks are not taking such (decades-long) practices lying down, so to speak.

Lorena said...

You know, the thing that bugged me the most about changes in the movie of The Hunger Games as opposed to the book (and feel free to stop reading this now if you don't want spoilers!) is that at the end of the book, Peeta was near death, and wound up losing a leg. I loved the fact that he was an amputee for the next two books (even though they didn't really make it a ginormous deal) because wow! What a role model that would be! Can you imagine being a teenage amputee and having a character in a book that is just like you and totally kicks ass? How inspiring! How brave! ... sigh. But no. Thanks, Hollywood. /end rant

not supergirl said...

I clearly have a bizarre revisionist memory, because I can honestly visualize (in what I thought was an actual memory) someone in a wheelchair spinning the big wheel near the end of the show. Maybe it was a dream... I dunno.
Good thing I'm not a court witness, eh?