Saturday, August 18, 2012

snaps on saturday

It's been a rough week. Very little sleep.

One night, MyFavoriteKid had nightmares. Next night, the littlest dog was barfing (and there was a trip to the vet the next morning due to her having a high fever). Next night, the bigger dog was barking at a raccoon in the yard. The night after that, MyFK was barfing! Woot! The night after that, I had spasms in my "sexy leg" which resulted in my taking pain meds which totally zoned me out.

I was operating on very little sleep for a week, and by this morning, I had a migraine and was barfing myself.  UGH!
Well, thank the lordy for modern medicine.
I took it, and was healed (dance in the aisles, will ya'?!).

Thank goodness, because we had plotted there to be a little shindig at TheNewDiggs tonight.

It was Thursday afternoon of this week when I whined to TheMost ImportantGuy that I had failed miserably:
This weekend was the perfect opportunity to hostess something Saturday night, but I had not planned for it.
So he invited friends over.
And they came.
And it was awesome.

TheMIG had invited his bandmate, who also brought his girlfriend, and then the bandmate's sister and her husband came, too. The sister and husband are moving into our neighborhood in two weeks!  I am hoping this means even more fun times very very soon :-)

(blurry picture, 'cuz well...I was blurry!)
(TheMIG will have you spot the cute floating chihuahua head)

I served buffet style, and we ate at the bar (very tiny dining room table at the moment; our table won't come until just before Thanksgiving).

sorry, I forgot to take photos until after everyone served themselves

I made (L to R):
Roasted Asparagus (no recipe, just olive oil & salt)
Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Salad (I liked this, but it needed a smidge more dressing)
Orechiette with Greens, Garbanzo Beans, and Ricotta Salata (missing something, must tinker)
Grilled Tofu with Avocado Cream (which is an old stand-by here. Love.)
and, cupcakes from somewhere else...because I am not superwoman, and I am not much of  a baker anyhow ;-)  ( my first purchase from this bakery, everyone loved it)

We ate, we drank (a fair couple brought micro-brews, the other two bottles of wine), and we were very very merry. Lots of laughter and chitchat.

And I am still putting the new kitchen through it's paces.  I am happy to report that I managed to cook and clean and socialize all at the same time.  It was great, the food was great, I was connected with people, and I didn't end up with a nightmare shit-fest of a mess to deal with in the morning. The pasta pot was left soaking, but everything else is clean.

Wanna come over?
I am so ready to be the more-fun-but-less-anal version of Martha Stewart for all of you! hahahhhahaha
Seriously. Invite yourself. Don't wait for an ivitation. Just call me, email me, txt me, leave a comment.... and say yer comin'.
I'm ready for ya', bitches!

Do it.


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aaI would do it in a never know...(I know this is old, but I was checking in today, and realized I knew nothing about NewDiggs, dogincident or anything, so I started to go retrograde...
Miss you!