Thursday, September 06, 2012

all dance brained out

Just home from a very late dance class.  We're not really in dance "class" mode right now, though. We are in pre-performance mode, as we have a show coming up soon.

Tonight was a "show-n-tell" of all of our pieces. We watch each other perform and then give feedback, but additionally, tonight we were taking notes about props, costume changes, and the feel of each dance, so that we could start to put the pieces all in a sequence that makes a nice arc for the evening concert.  It's like a little puzzle, really.

This is a busy show for me. I am in two ensemble pieces, one duet, and one solo....and I only half-assed my way through the duet and solo tonight, and I'm beat!   Time to put in some extra rehearsal hours getting stronger for this!  Eep!

Off to bed...I am supposed to be up in less than 6 hours getting MyFavoriteKid up and off to school! These late nights are making me wonder why I ever gave up coffee!