Thursday, September 20, 2012

yeah, what they said!

Tonight in class we did our ritual "Circle Dance" for the autumnal equinox (I know it's a few days early, but class is on Thursdays, so we always do it the Thursday before).  Before we start to dance, we circle up, holding hands, and if people want to, they can say a few words about where they're at.

I said something like this:
I sort of feel like I am "stretched thin" dough....except that I'm not really stretched thin at all.  I feel more like when you stretch out dough and then it springs back into a tight little ball.  Like I might actually being doing better if I was stretched thin; at least I'd be covering everything.  But instead it's more like I am shrinking away from things.   Maybe I need to "rise."

My dancer friends said something like this:
No, not need to "rest."
And "chill." 
Yeah. In the fridge.
With a damp towel over you.