Friday, October 19, 2012

meet the new dance partner

At tomorrow night's concert, I will be performing a solo from deep inside this mask....


Here are my program notes:

Golden Being 
"You Are Beautiful", Helen Money; "Sanvean (I am your shadow)", Lisa Gerrard 

Sometimes life's events cause us to overprotect the light within us that we brought with us when we were born. This dance explores reconnecting the core of Self and creating space so that the light may shine through. 
The third in a trilogy using masks to explore archetypes, Golden Being was preceded by "Another Version of The Truth" (Quan Yin) performed in 2007, and "Open Spaces" (Pele) performed in 2009. A evening length performance of the trilogy is on the horizon. 

If you'd like to come see our show, please do! Details here (click on photo to embiggen). It's an evening length concert with two troupe bellydances, a number of solos and duets, and a few musical pieces, including a grand finale with a percussion ensemble. Fun times :-)