Tuesday, October 23, 2012

post performance let down

I am seriously feeling blue today.  MyFavoriteKid (who is not really quite so favorited today) has been a teenage pain because he isn't getting his way, and that is not helping my mood any.  When he doesn't get his way he like to remind me what a crappy parent I am being, and while I know for a fact that isn't true, it still hurts to hear.

Anyhow, I seem over sensitive to his little drama, so what I think is really happening here is Post Performance Let Down. 

I have performed enough to know how this goes.  Creating a show is laborious, the "day of" is sort of like "the push", you birth the show, you instantly forget the pain, and then....
Well, then you are faced with dirty diapers and a huge shift in hormones that gives you the blues. 

I was going to say more about this and add an image, so I googled "post performance let down" as an image search, and I have to say.....I'm not so blue any more.  It's pretty friggin' hilarious!  I love it when the internet is good therapy :-)