Monday, October 29, 2012

things that happened today

~  I had jury duty, and made it all the way to the juror's box for extensive questioning about whether or not I could be fair. I was finally excused by the defendant's attorney late in the day.  It was a civil case where a kid who broke his femur in a car accident was suing another driver for damages.  It would appear that my losing a leg in a car accident perhaps makes me biased.  (every once in awhile this gimp thing works in my favor, just like when I get good parking...but most the time it doesn't)

~ While on a break at the courthouse, I went to grab a cup of chai at the corner coffee house. I was in my wheelchair, crossing the intersection, carrying the coffee in one hand and pushing myself with the other.  A yelled at me from way across the 4 lane intersection, "Hey!! You need a cup holder for that thing!!"  Not wanting to match his assness, I raised my cup to him in a toast, to which he then responded by yelling, "I love seeing people like you doing okay!!! It makes me realize I'm not so bad off after all!!!"   (*ahem*.  So happy to oblige. *ahem*)

~ MyFavoriteKid, who felt a little bit of a lump in his throat last night, called my mom from school today while I was at jury duty asking to go home.  Thankfully, she brought him to the doctor, and we are now awaiting strep throat results.  This could make the rest of the week interesting.

~ So I went to the market for more flavors of herbal tea and some chicken soup for MyFK.  Once again, I was in my wheelchair. While I was unloading my groceries onto the belt, the lady behind me pulled up in one of the motorized shopping carts provided by the store.  She was missing the same leg as me, and it was the same length as mine, too.  Aside from her being 20+ years my senior, we were a matching set.  She had sent her bi-pedal shopping companion (daughter maybe?) back to pick up something she forgot. She unloaded her motorized cart completely unassisted. By the time the companion came back, I was done checking out and just waiting for my final items to be bagged, so the companion waited at the exit of the checkout stand rather than trying to squeeze her way down the register past her partner's motorized cart.  As I was leaving with all my groceries, the companion said, "Don't you need help with that?"  I said, "No thank, I've got it."
To which she says (loud enough for her disabled friend to hear), "WELL AREN'T  YOU AMAZING. BLESS YER HEARRRRT."  (gag me)

~ I ended up on the Craftini blog....sporting a beard, no less.   Eep!! hahahahahah

~ I came home and made lots of soup and tea and watched PBS and Dancing With The Stars and caught up on Ravelry threads and knit and knit and knit (and finished a headband/earwarmer for TheMostImportantGuy).


Maybe this list sort of explains why some days it's just easier to stay home than it is to go out LOLOL.   I've said this before, but I'll say it again:

The only times I remember that I am disabled is when you remind me.
I don't like being a hermit, but you can see how it happens.  Even though I have gotten to a point where I am no longer shocked and actually find it pretty still makes me want to stay home some days, so I can just sit tea and knit and be normal for a cotton pickin' minute!! LOLOL