Friday, November 02, 2012

triple vision

A few weeks ago, some of the ladies of the Friday morning knitting group went clothes shopping after the morning knitting & lunch. I have to say, this was sort of a big deal for me. Believe it or not, I had never gone clothes shopping with lady friends before! Sure, I had been shopping (in and out of little shops while visiting little downtown areas and whatnot)....but I had never been clothes shopping with a group.  I have just always gone solo.

Well, while we were out, I tried on this dress that I just knew was going look good.  When I brought it to the dressing room, one of the ladies was a little surprised I had picked out as she thought it looked like a shredded garbage bag. Yikes!  Well, I tried it on, it looked great, just as I had predicted, and then the next thing you know....

.... three of us were buying the same danged dress!  We took a mini-vow to not all show up wearing them for Friday knitting.  Until today.

Today a few of us headed over to the Interweave Knitting Lab  to do a little yarn shopping.  We just went for it and made a plan to all wear the same dresses.  Well.  Did we ever make a statement all shopping together, let me tell ya'.  If we all happened to be in the same booth, people had to stop and ask what the story was.  If we got separated, there was a whole lotta, "Wait. Didn't I just see you in here?  No, that wasn't you. Am I on crack?"  I heard there was even a, "Hey, some other bitch in here gotz yer dress on" comment. hahahaha

As far as I see it, we Yarn Ho's just travel in packs, is all ;-)

What a great time I had today.  It was a smaller marketplace, but there were lots of folks I hadn't seen awhile, and it was really great to have a slower pace to catch up with friends and really take the time to look at everything.  I did do a little shopping today (maybe a wee bit more than a little), and I will have to take some pics....but it's already dark here and every shot have taken so far just looks washed out.  We have sunshine predicted for the next five days, so stay tuned.


Linda said...

Gosh, to me that's fashion daring, to appear with friends in the same clothes. You sure got a rise out of me and passersby!

Linda said...

That is some fashion bravery, to wear the same garb in groups. Predictably, you got a rise out of hidebound old me, and passersby!