Tuesday, December 11, 2012

garter stitch in da houuuuse

Miles and miles of garter stitch!

I have knitter friends that complain that garter stitch is a complete snooze-fest, and if it were all the knitting I ever did, I'd have to agree.  But garter stitch is perfect for watching television, and it is perfect for those times when I need to not be thinking about my knitting but instead just dropping into TheKnittingZone.

Garter stitch (and simple stockinette) shawls and scarves are the things that I reach for over and over again as I fly out the door because they are soft, squishy, not fussy looking, and always look great. Because they're not lacy, I'm not worried about shoving them into my bag when it gets warm.  The trick is to use fabulous yarns and colorways.

This one I am working on now is going to be really good sized stole/oversized scarf....and even though I'm having a nice chilled out time knitting it, I can't wait to be done, because I can hardly wait to wear it :-)



I agree with you about garter stitch! I knit three shawls (Ravelry's Wingspan,) over the summer, all in garter stitch. They were addictive!