Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I can't deliver the goods tonight.

I made a big mistake with my time management today. I goofed around too much in the morning (yay knitting! and other relaxing things!), and I had planned on saving my writing time for the afternoon.

Whatever was I thinking.

Things with MyFavoriteKid were an absolute flurry this afternoon.  Tomorrow morning he heads out with the whole band department for their spring break trip to DisneyWorld... departure time 4:45am! GAH!  Instead of having time to type, I was helping him get all dialed in for the trip.  Then I started having those crazy leg spasms I get every once in awhile. I tried everything holistic in my arsenal, but finally had to cave in and take something stronger, and now...

...well, it just took me 30 minutes to write that last paragraph.  I can't focus well enough for more serious issues.  I'm going to get him on the bus tomorrow morning and come home and hopefully get another hour or two of sleep in.  Then I'll tackle the keyboard ;-)