Friday, April 05, 2013


Posts have been brief lately, haven't they?

Well, there are pretty good reasons for that.  For starters, I am in a tremendous amount of pain!!  I woke up with it last Friday.  Mid-back pain along the left side, and I am pretty damn sure I did it pushing myself into a yoga shoulder stand during dance class a week ago Thursday. 

I feel like I need someone to walk on my back! Or hold me upside down by the ankles and shake me. It feels like I have a rib out of whack. And no, I do not have a chiropractor at present.

I spent some time on the foam roller on Wednesday, and yesterday was feeling much better.  But then I had to teach dance class last night, and we had a new student, and KarenTheDancingLurker was out for the week so I needed to be a good role model. I cut out a few of the exercises that I knew would be a problem for me, but even still I demonstrated a few moves that I probably should not have. And as of this morning I was hurting again. 

It's hurting enough that it's almost all I can think about, and this is bad news because, guess what?!  I HAD A TON OF S%#$ TO DO TODAY, DANG IT!!


Well, I missed the Friday knitting group this morning :-(  That's a big huge bummer because being there is a huge mood lifter.  But I was moving soooo slowly this morning, there was just no way I could get everything done that needed to happen today.  And I can't put stuff off until tomorrow, because tomorrow is HUGE.

Tomorrow is the very last competition of MyFavoriteKid's drumline season, and I'm going. It's almost 2 hours away. The call time for the kids is 6:40am!!  And they don't get back until 11:30pm!! And I am going, too!! (what was I thinking)

Good news is that this will be it for drumline for the year.  Not for all of band, of course (there is still  concert season on the horizon, and not that far off), but this is it for drumline. At the very least, this means no more getting up at 6am to be at school by 7am stuff.  Nope. It's up at 7am to be there by 8:30am. Woohoo!  More relaxed mornings, even though there will be no early bird catching those worms.

I am off to bed. Me and my deep heating muscle rub.


Jen Anderson said...

Poor you. Shoulder stand is evil.

I used to take yoga classes at a gym and almost every teacher included shoulder stand. Without bolsters, or support, or even proper instruction for newbies. Thanks to my bad neck, I couldn't even try, and I spent the whole time waiting for someone to get injured.

Carolyn said...

Bonnie....just caught up with your blog post. Ugh...sorry you were hurting. Hope you are mending. We missed you Friday.

Love and hugs,

Carolyn said...

Oh Bonnie...sorry you've had bad time here....hope you are feeling better. We missed you Friday.

Hugs and love,

Hope this comment last one went into limbo!