Monday, April 29, 2013

some updates

This is post is probably way too much information for most of you, so if things about the body gross you out, I urge you to just move along.
I'll post something fluffy tomorrow.

My finger.
It's improving. The splint is off most of the time. But I've had to cut away a bunch of dead stuff and what is underneath is tender, and there's sort of a chunk of my index finger missing that I have been assured will grow back. It's usable, but sensitive, especially if I bang into something.  Which I do often. I am a wheelchair user.

He's a bit of a mess.  He went into the hospital for a bladder infection. It had to have been bad, because they admitted him to the ICU for it.  Two days later, he was having his gallbladder removed. They're also keeping a close eye on some infection in his foot (and I should say, his only remaining foot...because he's an amputee already).  It's really hard for me to get specifics.  The hospital isn't really allowed to give me details because I am not related, I am a volunteer.  At the same time, they were really glad to see me today to help calm him down. He's getting really stressed out because he is about to cross that line where the his medical coverage can cover the hospital stay, but can't hold his room at the convalescent hospital. This has happened a few times now. One time they boxed all his stuff up, kicked it to the curb, and they lost a whole bunch of important information like identification, safe deposit keys, and his birth certificate. It took us over a year to get it all back in order.  They wont let me go pick his personal items up though...because I am not family

I am a little bummed out (about James and a few other things) and I can't even knit all that easily due to the finger!  Cooking isn't all that much fun either (I'm afraid to do too much's my dominant hand's index finger that is out of commission).  I don't have too much to keep me distracted!!


Linda said...

How scary, to read about this man's situation and your being spurned as a source of help, never mind your not being a relative.

Jen Anderson said...

The not family thing is such BS. You'd think there would be some legal form he could sign. He could make you his health care proxy, or give you power of attorney, but a form to let you pick up his stuff? Doesn't exist.

Write to your state representatives--they probably can't help right now, but maybe if they know about a problem that can be fixed without costing anything, they might propose a bill.

Or maybe ask the United Way, or some broad organization like that. (AARP, maybe?) James is not the only senior in this boat, so maybe someone knows something. Too bad you can't just adopt him without incurring all his medical bills.

Anonymous said...

Can't James give you a letter giving you permission to look after his stuff?
Cassie, Edmonton, AB