Friday, April 12, 2013

yah! what SHE said!

It is day two of a four day workshop I am taking with Ruth Zaporah, the founder of Action Theater.  It's blowing my mind wide open, and because this work of hers is so radically different from any other type of movement work I do, my synapses are firing all over the place like crazy. I can almost audibly hear my brain trying to process all the new information.  My brain is busy. Downloading.  I am overstimulated. In the best of ways.

IT'S RAD :-)

But! It does put me at a loss for words tonight.

So I am going to direct you to the wonderful Snarkland blog. Remember the other day when I posted about my lunch date with Haldechick?  Well, she's posted the flipside. So click! Enjoy! 
She is wonderful :-)