Monday, June 17, 2013

a wee little shift

Fewer remarkably odd and craptastic things are happening.  (*raise the roof!*)

Now I'm just trying to play one heavy duty game of catch-up.  The list of things that need to get done is very very long, and the time available to get them done is shorter than the list. Today ran me ragged, and tomorrow will be no different.  One of the many things on tomorrow's list is to go pick up the tile order for TheTileGuy.  He made an offer that if I went to pick up the tile, he'd kick us his contractor discount. Sort of hard to refuse.

And I have already spent part of the savings on this:

Timing could not have been better....they emailed me a 20% off coupon yesterday :-)
See?  Things are lining up more positively again!

Lordy, I cannot wait to take my first soak in that tub!