Wednesday, June 19, 2013

because it's prettier

Strange cloud pattern and a rainbow colored ring around the sun (taken yesterday).

Because it is prettier than my bathroom.

That wood is what was underneath a layer of circa 1932 tile, a good half inch of float, and two inches of a thick layer of gravel mixed with concrete.  In other words, there was a several hundred pound concrete sub-floor in my bathroom, and these old boards nailed in between the joists were holding the whole three inch thick floor up somehow. It showed no signs of wear (well, the tile was worn, but not what was underneath it). I guess they built them to last back then? Or at least it was built by someone who didn't put any foresight into what it would take to get it out??

A real subfloor goes in next week, and meanwhile TheTileGuy is starting to work on the waterproofing for the shower (orange stuff on the left, the shower pan and curb).

By the time this is done I will know way more about bathrooms than I ever wanted to. LOL