Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I've been dealing with a few physical issues lately, one being the fact that two fingers on my right (dominant) hand....the middle and the ring finger....have gone numb.  The tips of them just beyond the knuckle just feel like they're asleep.  It's been freaking me out.  Knitting feels not-so-good, and neither does most things I might do in the kitchen, like slicing and dicing.

This right arm is the same arm that was trashed during the car accident and is full of interesting metal components. I've ruled out a bunch of stuff the regular MD and a host of lab work, plus some work with a physical therapist. Today was the day for a "nerve conduction study".

NOT a fun time.

Basically 45 minutes of being electrocuted (ok, I exaggerate. 45 minutes of being "zapped").  It's quite uncomfortable (putting it mildly) and it included having needles inserted in the nerves and having the current run into them. Like I said, fun times.  At least the doc has been brushing up on his stand-up comedy routine, so he kept things light, but it still sucked.

I had to do this a few months after the car accident.  I didn't like it then, either.

No big answers.  A little puzzling information on the radial nerve between the elbow and the wrist, but he actually thinks the probably might be coming from the neck.  So now off I go for an MRI on the neck. 

At least in there I can lay down and enjoy the whirring  LOL.