Sunday, October 06, 2013

leftovers on sunday

More Snaps On/From Saturday.  We had gone to the Vallejo Art Windows event last night, where empty shop windows (and sadly, there are quite a few) were filled with all sorts of interesting local art!  During the tour hours, the artists held meet and greets out front of their displays.  A few art cars were spotted on the streets as well.

This artist had some really amazing photos taken on Mare, I'd love to have one some day on our wall at TheNewDiggs (go Vallejo!).

I loved this little ditty. It was a contraption made out of all sorts of old bits and bobs of machinery and toys, and it was wired up to make sounds a had lots of components with flashing lights. 

Buddha head on an altar with ninja tiger and friend....hahahaha

I know I'm an odd one, but I just loved this one.  It was a skeleton lady watching tv, and skeleton man painting a portrait (he had a long handlebar-ish moustache made out of a mop for something). Kooky. Right up my ally.

And one of the art cars.

Lots of people walking around, taking it all in....including MyFavoriteKid and his three buddies, whom I'd had over for the whole weekend. Lots o' teenage boy energy around the house, let me tell you!  It's really great to host them over at TheNewDiggs.  There's so much more space there for them to spread out, and I was actually able to go to bed early and sleep through them staying up watching movies into the wee hours, because the place is laid out so well.  Damn, I can't wait until I can actually live there full time. It's just so easy to be there. It's got an awesome flow.

I had a nice time at TheNewDiggs while I was there this weekend. TheMostImportantGuy and I spent some time a project we've been waiting to tackle in the livingroom.  We're working on a cool system for displaying family photos, and I think once we're done the results are going to be fantastic.  We also got out all of the Halloween decorations (my absolute favorite holiday to decorate for!!).  We watched a movie projected onto the wall with the kids last night, and then another movie just the two of this afternoon while chilling on the couch.  There might have been a cocktail or two involved.  Oh, and I got to play with my knitting and my darling barbeque grill for a bit this weekend, too :-)  

It's been a good long while since I have felt even a small pocket of  time to just chill and relax and enjoy a little unstructured time.  Happy :-)