Sunday, October 27, 2013

our spooky window!

I loooove Halloween.
Every year I add one (ok ok, sometimes two) new decorations to the collection. 
Last year, it was Helsa

This year I picked up some jumbo spiders with a 3-foot leg span to crawl over the side of the house (whee!).....and thennnnnnn....since TheMostImportantGuy now has a good quality projector, I bought a spooky DVD that you aim towards your window: 


thanks to TheMIG for the upload!

TheMIG's video was shot to show how it looks in relation to the house, but you can get a clearer shot of the actual video, click here.  I bought our copy by way of Grandin Road, where I also bought Helsa last year!

We already had a little audience (the neighbor kids from across the street) sitting outside and watching and squealing....and then I spotted another adult neighbor getting into it, too.  This is by far my favorite decoration ever. 


Lorena said...

OMFG, that is *brilliant*!