Wednesday, October 23, 2013

present and vintage family

Great day with the cousin. We got up early and took a little driving/sightseeing tour of the town, and then we dropped Teeny off at my parents for some dog-sitting (she's still on meds and supposed to be resting).  Then my cousin and I took his 8 month old standard poodle Manou and my other dog Riley for to what we refer to as the CrazyCrazyDogPark.  

We had brunch at the dog park at the "Sit & Stay Cafe", and then we let the dogs go bananas running around like crazies.  Meanwhile, we talked a whole lot....and we caught each other up on ....well, our whole lives, basically!

We came back home, looked through some of the things my Grammy had left after she passed that he was so graciously delivering (he's an angel for taking that on). A bit later my folks came over and we all had a lovely dinner.

Oh, but before dinner was drinks and an appetizer while we waited for TheMostImportantGuy to make it home from work.  While we sipped and noshed, all sorts of awesome old photos were being whipped out.  My favorite of them all was this one:

That's my Great Grandparents (my dad's mother's parents), 
Nathan and Rosa

This picture tickles me to no end. 
That being said, every picture of Bubbie & Zadie tickles me to no end ;-)