Monday, November 18, 2013

curse you, blogger! and you too, cat!!

That's it. I am going to need to find a better solution to remote posting. I have to. Because bouncing back and forth between two houses with a 17" laptop just aint gonna happen. I have to be able to blog with my phone, or I have to give up my post-a-day habit.

On Friday night, I made a post about MyFavoriteKid performing. It didn't go live until Saturday, thereby causing me to miss Friday altogether.  Then, I made a photo heavy SnapsOnSaturday post on Saturday proper, and it bounced due to the file being too huge!!  arrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!  Sunday I had content, and created a post with a photo, but just left it stuck in note format. Defeated. I am defeated.

I'm not sure yet what I am going to do about all this.

And meanwhile, while I was sitting here typing this up and working on re-posting all the back stuff....
I let Riley out back for his final whizz of the evening, and he was attacked by some animal hiding in the bushes!!  We have had skunks and racoons lately, but I think this might have been that damn feral cat.  I saw him across the street earlier.

Anyhow...I heard Riley yelping and some other animal making some crazy noises and then Riley came running back with his tail between his legs when I opened the door.  I have now found several puncture wounds on his legs, so I have to go do some snipping of hair and dabbing wounds.  I'm hoping this isn't another vet bill from hell.