Monday, February 17, 2014


I have actually been described by a few people as not being into sports. I think they say this because I really really (did I say really??) do not like football.  Of course, if you invited me over for a football game and a beer I'd bring the nibbles...and I'd watch the game (well, sorta...I'd be knitting while you watch it) and I'd pick a team to root for and stay engaged and all that). 

I just don't seek out football, and I really think it's one least interesting sports out there.Wrestling (WWE) and boxing are close behind.  I really just don't care to watch big dudes (or dudettes in some cases) shove each other around.
Not. Interesting.
(to me)

Anyhow, why my dislike of football makes me "not into sports" by some of friends, I will never know. I am into a ton of sports!!

I watch baseball all season long.  I have been glued (and I do mean glued) to the TV watching the Olympics every moment I can, and I love all of it, curling to all the ski events to the skating...all of it.  I looooove watching the Tour de France every year.'s one for ya'....I watch a good amount of Bull Riding (but I root for the bull).

So. To my friends who have decided that football is the only sport that makes you a sports fan??? Bah!!!