Tuesday, February 11, 2014

i've lost an idol and an inspiration

I knew I'd never ever be as nice, or sweet, or cute, or funny as she was (I didn't even bother trying)....
but I always wanted to dance like her (and that, I did try).

(my early attempts at tap)

And I grew up on her movies.

I think I'd  have to watch it again to figure out the how's and why's, but my favorite of all her movies, Heidi, probably contributed to my love and care of elders and others.  And a desire to live in the Alps or at least somewhere where there were a lot of sheep and cow bells.

Another movie I liked, The Blue Bird (of Happiness), as bizarre at is was, made a huge impression on me as well (what the hell...we're all chasin' after the wrong thing!! And and!! People are just like evil kittens!! And I sort of like evil kittens!! What is wrong with me?!?!!). 

As I got a little older (10-ish, 11-ish maybe?) I learned about my favorite child star's second career as an ambassador, and I remember being ridiculously impressed. How one person could pull off doing such great things in two entirely different fields of work left me positive that you could just change your mind at any time in life about what path you wanted to walk down. Want to do something different?? Well, just do it!  I swear it somehow contributed to my "it's okay...I'll just switch gears and do something different" mentality....you know, like, post-accident.

Sad to hear of her passing.  But that sure seems like one good, full life, doesn't it?

Goodbye, Shirley Temple


Anonymous said...

My favorite ST movie was "Bright Eyes." I loved seeing her and Jane Withers square off.

In one of the recent articles about her, someone wrote, "It is just a mistake of fate and a black mark against the studio system that Shirley and Fred Astaire never once went across a glassy floor together."

Love, Karen TDL