Wednesday, February 22, 2006

no, it's not me

Well, at first I had thought it was just me.

Then a few of you commented and emailed telling me that in fact, no, it was not just me. Others heard it, too.

The NBC Olympic's Figure Skating commentators are doing a mean, nasty, and negative job with their coverage. Period.

This is what I heard today once I finally got to sit down and (knit) watch the Women's Figure Skating Short Program (and I wish I could load a sound byte here, because the tone was definitely part of it..let's see what I can do with itallics):

**said in review of Yalena Liashenko, skating for the Ukraine**

Sandra Bezik (twat): "You know, to compete for 12 years for Olympics, you just have to looove to go to the rink and train every day."

Dick Button (asswipe): "The problem is, that over that period of time, her skating hasn't changed that much!
Maybe it would be more helpful if she went to the rink and not only trained but thought about it a little bit, too."
(longer pause)
"I hope that's not being unkind."

(silence from the other commentators)

ummmmmmmm I dunno, DICK...what do you think??!?!
Sort of hard to vote for your being "kind," that's for sure, DICK.

As a contrast, I offer to you commentary between myself and the 8-year old MyFK:

**said in review of (couples) Ice Dancing, Free Skate (I dont recall which couple)**

MyFK: "That's two girls."
Me: (mumbling over my knitting and under my breath) "That'd be the day."
MyFK: "What do you mean??"
Me: "Well, it's never been two girls before."
MyFK: "What about two boys??"
Me: "Nope."
MyFK: "WHY NOT??!!??!!"
Me: "Good question. Maybe by the time you get older, the rules will change."
MyFK: "So the rule is that it has to be a boy AND a girl?"
Me: "Right now, yes."
MyFK: "I don't get it."
Me: "Me neither. And just to confuse you more, in the bobsled and the luge and some of the other sports, it can only be boys with boys and girls with girls. Interesing, huh."
MyFK: "It's not that the rule is right or's just.....WHY is it a rule??"

and that, my friends, began a discussion that ended up becoming the record longest bedtime story ;-)


Anonymous said...

Very cute discussion. If he retains the same open-minded, questioning outlook through adolescence, you will have made a giant contribution toward changing the world. Thanks in advance!

I love bedtime stories. My daughter got one every night from an early age through about age 8. Now that my daughter is fifteen she still asks me to tell them on car trips and on special occasions like her birthday.


Anonymous said...

Hey, at least girl skaters are finally allowed to wear pants. I was surprised how few opted to do so.