Saturday, March 11, 2006


Carol comments: Now I wonder what would happen if you went into a big box craft store and when they asked you for help, you told them you were looking for a pattern for a knit prosthetic cozy?

hahaha...very funny!
Actually, I read that and asked myself why I hadn't already thought of pulling that stunt!!

It only took me about a second to answer that.

See, to be totally honest, the reason I haven't tried pulling that particular shennanigan is because (unlike the fake need for lubricants and springs), I actually DO have a need for a cozy.

And I've actually considerred knitting one.
Not a prosthesis cozy, exactly.
But a Stump Cozy.

Let me tell ya' "residual limb" (often referred to by The One who cuddles up next to it as "a fricking iceberg") would definitely benefit from having some sort of warming garment. And I doubt I'm going to find a Stump-Cozy at a department store. So, like most knitters obsessed with our craft, I thought....I'll knit something myself!

Except I haven't figured out exactly how to do that yet.
I'm not a pattern designer.
Not that a Stump Cozy should be rocket science. I can knit socks, and I obvioulsy wont be needing a heel on this contraption. In fact, I've figured out that whatever kind of Stump Cozy I'd knit up (being an above-knee amputee) is probably not going to be sock-like at all. It will probably be more like a handbag.

One cold night, when neccessity was being the mother of invention, I! My stump is about the same size as my head!

And looks great in my kitty hat.

But seriously, in my novice pattern designing mind, I cant seem to figure out how to get a stump cozy to stay on my leg without cutting off circulation, which would just increase the iceberg factor. My residual limb is very short, so ribbing at the top would be right on the femoral artery. I've considerred an i-cord drawstring, knitting in an elastic thread, using Cascade Fixation, and I've even thought about attaching some kind of waist belt (which just sounds miserable). So I just dont know.

My Cozy thoughts have extended to covering these, also:

See? That's what I need to knit! I need Crutch Cozies! (the grey fake sheepskin is pretty ugly)
Last year I even went out and bought this lovely Koigu for them.

See all the colors? They will go with anything I'm wearing!
(....which will do just fine while I knit a matching pair for every outfit)

But then I did the math of warm/damp armpits, plus the friction of swinging crutches, with the addition of wool....(the equation being felt) and I realized I really needed to rethink this project a bit.

My friends have suggested that I must knit a cozy for my wheelchair seat.

Sure. That'll be the day. Right after I finish that Lysol can cozy for my 92 year old grand-mother.

But here's my latest cozy obsession: the covering of the socket.
THIS is my temporary socket.

I think I've told you guys about this looks like I made it myself with a glue gun and duct tape (and there IS actual duct tape on it). Now, I aint complaining, because this is the first socket that has stayed on my leg so I can walk. But DAMN is it ugly, and in the few warm days we've had here since I got this new socket, I've worn shorts, and it looks reallllllly bad.

So I want to knit something to cover it.

And I just realized, that this WOULD be a prosthetic cozy, after all, now wouldnt it (?).

I'm on my way to that big-box craft store right now to ask for that pattern.


Anonymous said...

I see the digital camera is earning its keep.... and I thought as soon as you finished knitting that Lysol can cozy for your grandma, you were going to knit something for ME?!? Now, I'm behind yet another lame project...

Gray said...

I really like the ears on your stump cozy. I was strangely reminded of Little Red Riding Hood: "The better to hear you with, my dear!"

I had a friend many years ago who was very bothered by the iceberg problem. She made something like like your description made of lamb's wool facing in, with a stretchy elastic sleeve on the outside.

As for the prosthesis cover, check out There are many examples of different sleeves and a few other items and ideas.

Happy knitting!


Anonymous said...

My leg is always cold too. Especially after I go skiing, then it's all red from the cold (I don't ski with my leg on) I haven't really thought about knitting a leg cozy, but I think it would be easier to keep it on if it was more like pants that are sewn shut on one side. It looks like my leg is close to the same length as yours, and a leg cozy would never stay on very long for me.

Anonymous said...

Talking about you behind your back...

I almost hurt myself laughing about the kitty hat application. That picture is hysterical!

I want a crochet pattern.

Nawnee said...

I don't knit, but I crochet. Start knitting or crocheting like you are going to make a hat, then add your increases in the rounds as you go until you have the length you need. To keep it on while you sleep just knit or crochet a long strap that will reach around your waist making a loop at the end that will fit around a button that you will sew on at the appropriate distance from the end to hold it snug around your waist.

As for the socket, it will need a hole at the bottom as well. Hmmmm.. How long will it take before the prosthetist finishes it? When he gets to the finishing stage they can cover it with any type of cotton fabric that you choose. When we made our prostheses in my Prosthetics and Orthotics class there were some really neat ones.

I hope this helps a little.
(P.S. I have been a bk amputee for 19 years.)