Friday, March 17, 2006

little snippets

I feel like I've got a kazillion things spinning around in my head right now, and no time to fully explore any of them.

So here's a list (probably incomplete) of little brain snippets.
And it doesn't come with pictures (sorry for those of you who hate seeing a blog-wall-of-text).
Oh, and I'm sorry, too that I haven't written much about knitting lately. Seems like a dumb thing for me to be saying given this isnt a knitting blog...but it seems like that's how most of you are ending up here.

* This week I was forced to plan out the months of June, July and August. And it’s only March. I hate that. Day camp registration forms were due yesterday, and that meant several days of coordinating several people’s summer schedules.

* Watching several pages of a day-planner get filled up feels extremely constrictive to me and has me feeling a little bit of panic. Glad to say that it is booked with wonderful stuff (like going to perform with Dandelion Dancetheater in Hawaii), instead of being filled up with things that I’m not looking forward to doing.

* There are some people (believe it or not) that are not amputees, but wish they were. Some of them have even gone so far as to do things to their bodies that would require them to have amputations (close your gaping mouth, and if you don't believe me, google it). Is there any way we could send these people to the countries that need their landmines cleared??? Seems to me we could kinda kill two birds with one stone.

* Stray pictures taken of my car after the accident were unearthed last night during a purge of an old desk drawer. Stuff like that always gets me a bit unsettled. I can’t believe I’m even still here on the planet. Thank you Spirit.

* At the moment, I am finding sympathetic comments (about things that require no sympathy) incredibly annoying and unsympathetic.

* Every morning, I am waking to the immediate spin-cycle of my brain rattling through details and issues. I think I need to resume the writing of “Morning Pages” (a stream of conciousness brain-dump process developed by Julia Cameron in The Artist's Way).

* The thing I am missing the most in my life right now is silence.

* My child is a constant source of sound.

* Last night in belly dance class we carried out the time honored tradition of “Circle Dancing” (in honor of the Spring Equinox). The dancing I am allowed to witness and the dancing I am given space to share are some of the greatest gifts in my life.

* Credit where credit is due: I think it’s important to note what contributed to my being so grounded at last Sunday’s showing with Dandelion. I showed up an hour early so that I could do the complete series of warm-up exercises that I’ve been doing in bellydance class every Thursday since 1994. This series was developed by the late Jamie Miller, my mentor, and was being taught decades before I became her student. Thank You Jamie. I miss you, and I love you.


Gray said...

Text has it's own elegance. There's nothing wrong with a St. Patrick's day Wall O'Text.

I know that subdued claustrophobia and tunnel vision of summer camp registrations all too well. But it sure beats the alternative of a summer without enough good activities.

Hawaii! That's fantastic. I see only good things ahead for you.

Anonymous said...

"...Is there any way we could send these people to the countries that need their landmines cleared??? Seems to me we could kinda kill two birds with one stone."


Brilliant. Now if only we could get them to volunteer.

Only problem is that they'd be so eager to set off mines they'd endanger other people who might not be so eager for surgical alteration (or death).