Sunday, March 26, 2006

oh hell no

Artificial Mechanical Person Used for Thorough Exploration, Efficient Harm and Efficacious Education

That generator must have a giant psychic webcam eye.

Want one? go here.
I'm not sure how many blogs and links I clicked through before ending up there, but if I've got it right, I should be crediting Rabbitch (who was really going for pirate names, but this is where I ended up...although I need to do the pirate thing and see if "peg legged" shows up in my name), who linked to KnottyMouse, who "stole" it from HockeyMom.

Wheeeeee :-)


Gray said...

It's perhaps not the knitting that makes your arm sore. It may be all the clicking around as you explore cyber worlds where few women have gone before.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog. I'm approaching my 30th anniversary as a lady amputee, and it has never occurred to me to look for lady amp bloggers! what a resource. Back in my day, the knee on my 1st leg was basically operated by a giant rubberband. Of course, that was even before MRIs! I am on what I call the 15-year plan. Wore a leg for 15 years, now taking the next 15 "off." although I have been thinking about strapping one back on recently . . . I too am a bay area dweller, altho south bay.